Saturday, March 24, 2007

Toronto's A-Con (not much but it's something...^_^)

So here's the little surprise. On March 17th-18th, there was a small anime convention happening here in our beautiful city of Toronto. The Toronto Anime Convention was rather cramped, but people got to know each other better. Games like Anime Name that Tune and animes such as Blood+ were played and shown. Also voice acting guests such as Laura Bailey were present. Lastly who could forget the dealer's room, which was full of nice things to buy. Now I'll leave some pics for you guys to browse. Look for full coverage of the con on our next episode (probably next week...).

Sidenote: Unfortunately my camera died, so we resorted to using Kira's camera. Let that be a lesson to all con-goers. Charge your batteries the night before or you will be stuck with just two pictures (or less) or in my case borrowing a friend's....

Kira with Sakura, Shikamaru, Hitsugaya, and Rangiku.

Ahhhh it's Lord Tamaki...

Kira thinking he's Zabuza (and Gaara if you look closely)

Pretty Kasumi ^_^

So that's it folks, again lack of photos cause my camera died. Also you may ask where are the photos of me, Daisuke, since you have now seen Sven and Kira's faces. Well I'm gonna pull an L for now and remain mysterious. Maybe another time. Stay tuned for the next ep!

- Daisuke

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Michelle said...

Wow, cosplaying looks fun! It's really good to see the diversity of people who participate in this kind of event. Not everyone loves anime. There are some who appreciate it, and there are some who indulge themselves in it. Y'all looked like you loved what you did. Your photos says it all! ^^

Michelle Pendlelton